We are a Social Business focused on: 

Feeding people

Our "Vale Solidariedade" ("Solidary Ticket") Program  receives donation from people and companies. For each R$100,00 ($20), 1 family can go to a small grocery store from their own neigborhood, to buy whatever they are in need. 


In doing so, we help people in need of food and the grocer, who continue to earn money and support their local businesses


More than 400 families are served by this initiative.
Your donation is very welcome.

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Training them to generate their own money through entrepreneurship


More than 90% of Vale Solidariedade's beneficiaries want - need - a job. Unfortunately, there are no open positions.


Therefore, we decided to share with them the first steps of entrepreneurship, so that they could start working and earn money by selling products and / or services necessary to their communities.


More than 135 businesses have started in our classes since March 2020 - when the COVID pandemic started here! Most of these families are no longer dependent on food donations.

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